What is Top 10 Things to see in Shanghai

Visit Shanghai, What is the top places to see in Shanghai?

With nearly 20 million people, Shanghai is a metropolitan city-state. As the crown jewel of the People’s Republic of China’s economic engine, the ranks of the gross domestic product of the Yangtze River city of more than 100 nations. An impressive number, considering that Shanghai was a generation ago. In the last decades on the roofs and urban swath of the city has undergone a transformation furious, driven at top speed in the warm embrace of Chinese capitalism and free enterprise.

As a result, Shanghai is a wonderful city to visit, with an emigrant like living a share of the new wealth of the country resort community. Various attractions of the city, the historic architecture of the ultra-modern skyscrapers, combine traditional markets to do business luxury brands Shanghai a single hive of frenetic activity. Here are 10, most are definitely a must.

top 10 things to see in shanghai

top 10 things to see in shanghai

Top 1 Tourist Attraction .  The bund

The promenade, which extends from Jinling Road in the south of the north bridge Waibaidu is 1.5 kilometers long boulevard on the west bank of the Huangpu River. along the Zhongshan Road, visitors can not only enjoy the scenery of the Huangpu River, but an overview of the evolution of Lujiazui across the Huangpu River. The architecture along the dike unanimous “Fair World Architecture”, including all kinds of large buildings such as the gothic baroque style, the Roman style, the classical style, the style of the Renaissance and the combination of Chinese and Western style honored. A romantic place for lovers.

Be 1,700 meters long, the beloved wall is a wall box with the magazine stand built to prevent flooding. The forum was paved with 140,000 color brick and granite with 32 semicircular review overlooking the Huangpu River, 64 square lights along the balconies balconies. The grandstand terraces with 21 cup-shaped flowers, square or hexagonal pavilions and stone benches in all its forms.

The bottom line is the composite architectures along the Bund, coupled with the so-called “Fair World architecture.” There are well-known China Bank Building, Peace Hotel, Customs House and HSBC bank building. buildings are harmoniously in both the architecture and colors horizon. Anyway, this is a very long walk or a look between the buildings, you can see rolling their size, elegant and dignified.

Night: time to visit recommended.

Top 2 Tourist Attraction .  Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is one of the most famous shopping streets of Shanghai, and was one of the most integrated and busiest streets in the 1940s. The road extends from the cervix is to Hongqiao, People’s Square in Shanghai with the center in the middle.

Top 3 Tourist Attraction .  Jin Mao Tower

Supertall skyscraper was the king of the mountain in China by 2007. However, the Jin Mao Tower is a miracle and what engineers dream in the night. The view of Shanghai from the 88th Stock Skywalk observation deck is outstanding.

Top 4 Tourist Attraction . Shanghai World Financial Center

The new king of the sky skyscrapers in China and in fact, with the exception of Dubai, the world is an animal of 101 floors. Opened already become a leading symbol of the city in 2007 next to the Jin Mao Tower, the design of the Shanghai World Financial Center’ve. Unlike office space, the tower malls, hotels, and of course a brilliant observation deck.

Top 5 Tourist Attraction .  The Fairmont Peace

With all the modern development of Shanghai, almost forget the romantic colonial city before it became a symbol of the new China. The Hotel de la Paix, or Heping Fandian you made back to the 1930s when opium and real estate tycoon Victor Sassoon employee of the city their playground, all from the confines of this masterpiece of work in the Art Deco collar.

Top 6 Tourist Attraction .  Shanghai Grand Theatre

The ultra-modern Shanghai Grand Theatre is impossible to miss by a dramatic perch on the People’s Square in the Huangpu District of the city. A wonderful mix of Eastern and Western aesthetic design, the theater has been the preeminent house orchestra, dance and opera in Shanghai since 1998.

Top 7 Tourist Attraction . Xintiandi

Although skillful construction of centers of life in the new urban China reported “win New Heaven and Earth” a little more than a blatant attempt to high-end consumers for the high-end retail and tourist attractions, Xintiandi or worthwhile and fun. In truth, the pedestrian area offers a nice directory of restaurants and nightclubs, if prices are steep.

Top 8 Tourist Attraction . Yu Yuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden was created in the Ming Dynasty by a mandarin named Pan Yunduan, which was the governor of Sichuan and later greatly expanded. Yu Garden was considered the best garden in the south of China. He enjoyed a history of over 400 years after its first introduction of Pan Yunduan that bring happiness and joy to his parents and relatives intended.

It was the seat of the association dagger or small sword lifting group (an uprising in 1853 by the Association Dagger, a secret organization against foreign imperialists in Shanghai and Xiamen in Fujian Province led). However, a large number of weapons, homemade parts and displays are used Dagger of the Association in the lobby of the spring garden. A large-scale restoration of the Yu Garden was carried out after the founding of the PR China and it was officially opened to the public in 1961.

Top 8 Tourist Attraction . Shanghai Museum

Shanghai History Museum was founded in 1983 and officially opened to the public on May 27.1984. Through more than 1,300 pieces of cultural relics, literature and pictures, it presents an overview of the long history of Shanghai from antiquity to the liberation of the city in 1949.

In 1991, the Shanghai History Museum to the public with a new look, a basic exposure of the “display of the history of urban development in modern Shanghai” was again more than 1,500 cultural monuments appear to fall into six parts fully reveals the vicissitudes of Shanghai saw in hundred years since its opening as a port for foreign trade in 1843 to his dismissal in 1949. Contribution to the creation and extinction of the Shanghai International Settlement and French Concession concentrated, the gradual improvement of the urban aspect was the growing economy, culture increasingly thriving, unique folk custom and tradition of the immigration society and political change in a hundred years. placed in the first batch of “basic education of minors” in Shanghai.

Top 10 Tourist Attraction . Oriental Pearl TV Tower

As the first architectural wonder of New China, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, built in 1994, was primarily a symbol of the country’s potential as she began to flirt with the ideals of free enterprise. The undeniable tower hovering over Pudong skyline and offers fifteen observation levels, a small hotel, shops, a museum and a restaurant, of course, running. More than three million people a year visit the Pearl of the Orient.

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How to choose the top Beijing hotel booking service for your Beijing tour. The following is the top 10 Hotels in Beijing.

TOP 1 Hotel in Beijing  - The Opposite House

TOP 1 Hotel in Beijing – The Opposite House

Top 1 Hotel . The Opposite House (瑜 舍)

Opened in 2008, the six-story, glass-walled, 99 room boutique hotel is the most fashionable address in the city. The work of the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, which shows the commitment of Beijing Olympics for the design and style.

Cleanrooms are a breeze, yoga studio aesthetic. Even the bathroom is wood.

Find the bottom of a stainless steel pool – like something Dr. Evil’s lair, but not piranhas – and Bei, one of the best restaurants in Beijing. The hotel has its own nightclub, Punk.

In the middle of a large complex of shops and restaurants, The Opposite House is located in a good set-up for night owls.

The Empire Village 1, 11 Sanlitun Lu, near Dajie Dongzhimenwai 三里屯 路 11 号, 三里屯 Village1 号楼, 近 东直门 外 大街, +86 10 6417 6688, room rates: from 2500 RMB http://www.theoppositehouse.com

Top 2 Hotel in Beijing - China World Summit Wing

Top 2 Hotel in Beijing – China World Summit Wing

Top 2 Hotel . China World Summit Wing (国贸 大 酒店)
China World Summit Winga sanctuary in the clouds (also known as smog).

Rising like a steel pole on the financial district of Beijing, the 81-storey, 330 meter China World Tower 3 (tallest building in the city) Hotel welcomes Summit Wing Shangri-La in the upper floors (64th to 80th floor).

Books Bill Gates a suite here when he’s in town, but even the standard rooms are the impressive number of 55 square meters, with closets and bath Narnia size large enough for one-on-one polo.

This business hotel features decorative ornaments pillows spot Eastern giants and breathtaking landscapes, licenses smog.

Since its opening in 2010, the bar on the 80th floor has won many fans for their views of the lights of the CBD.

The 25-meter pool on the 78th floor – Yes, it’s like swimming in the sky – could well be the highlight of your stay.

1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, near 建国门外 大街 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu 1 号, 近 东 三环 中路, 86 10 6505 2299, room rates: from RMB 1888, http://www.shangri-la.com/en

top 3 hotel raffles beijing

Top 3 Hotel Raffles Beijing

TOP 3 Hotel . Raffles Beijing (北京 饭店 莱佛士)

Beijing ‘s, the 171-room Raffles Beijing (formerly Peking Hotel) has seen it all in his 80 years of service.

The building was occupied by the Japanese army between 1937 and 1945. A decade later, the People’s Liberation Army held here at the Grand Banquet Hall of the People in Tiananmen grew up in the street.

A bit dated, the hotel still exudes class of each light bulb and canopy bed.

The south-facing block “B” rooms (the old part of the hotel) giving Chang’an Jie is a prime property.

Even if you do not stay here, the afternoon tea in the bar of the writer with his old wooden dance floor (where a particular tango Mao Zedong was sometimes known) is worth it.

33 Dong Chang’an Jie, near Wangfujing Dajie 东 长安街 33 号, 近 王府井 大街, 86 10 6526 3388, room rates: from RMB 1588, http://www.raffles.com / beijing
TOP 4 Hotel   – The Aman at Summer Palace (颐 和 安 缦)

The Aman at Summer PalaceImperial masses.Within live far from Aman 1.2 square kilometers polished clay tiles is the last word in luxury – Imperial Qing Dynasty complex crossover class period rooms and suites, symmetrically deployed as miniature Forbidden City.

Summer Palace UK (which even has its own private entrance), Aman is the most expensive hotel in Beijing.

Expect all the adulation and equipment “Aman junkies” take for granted: huge bathrooms, antique furniture, a full program of excursions and cultural events and seriously good food for the restaurant that serves food Naoki Japanese kaiseki.

At some distance from the city center, it is designed to avoid, not exploration.

1 Gongmenqian Lu, Summer Palace, near Tongqing Jie 颐和园 宫门前 街 1 号, 近 同庆 街, 86 10 5987 9999 Room rates: from RMB 4,000, http://www.amanresorts.com

Top 5  Hotel – Park Hyatt Beijing (北京 柏 悦 酒店)

Park Hyatt BeijingWagyu meat to China, Grill.Check entrance is on the 63rd floor in this paradise in the sky, and from there, it’s windy comfort all the way.

Generous suites come with a butler, the largest bath in the city and relaxing views – the perfect place to relax after a long night, Baijiu toasting with their Chinese partners.

China Grill serves steaks and seafood premium dry aged Sea. For cocktails and house band jumping on the roof bar XIU packages regularly, especially in the almost legendary “ladies night” every Thursday.

If you buy the bling is your thing, the Park Hyatt is located atop one of the best boutiques in the city, which connects directly to the China World Shopping Mall in the street.

Nearly 建国门外 大街 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu 2 号 近 东 三环 中路, 86 10 8567 1234, room rates 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie,: RMB 2,100 hotels, beijing.park.hyatt.com / Hyatt /

Top 6 Hotel – The Peninsula Beijing (王府 半岛 酒店)

BeijingThe peninsula jewel in the heart of Wangfujing still shines.

Everyone from the doorman to the butler that comes to replace the mini-bar seems to be his mission to make a good time at this palace in the center do.

The standard rooms are a bit smaller than some of the newer hotels in Beijing five stars, but on the 14th floor has a row of modern duplex with large windows.

There is always the result of the peninsula of 660 square meters with private elevator, banquet and bathroom to get there (weather permitting) as the Forbidden City and Jinshan.

In an annex built in 2008 is one of Beijing’s most luxurious spas, Peninsula Spa, with a wide range of treatments for both sexes.

8 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, near Dongdan Beidajie 王府井 金鱼 胡同 8 号, 近 东 单 北 大街, +86 10 8516 2888, room rates: from RMB 1,600, http://www.peninsula.com

Top 7 Hotel – With Beijing (格瑞斯 北京)

Grace abounds BeijingBreakable Art Room – Step carefully.Back in the 1990s, artists like Ai Weiwei (艾 未 未) installed in the empty factory buildings would become the 798 Art District. With the opening of Grace Hotel (Formerly Yi House Art Hotel), the gentrification has been completed.

While out of town, the hotel is surrounded by contemporary art galleries around the world.

There are only 30 rooms, but single rooms to spacious suites, high ceilings square claim, windows original Bauhaus (open), luxury bedding and a lot of arty copies.

It can be filled with beautiful European Food Yi House Bistro, which offers a wide range of dishes for two (except Sunday) RMB 108.

2 Jiuxianqiao Road, 798 Yishu Qu, 706 Hou Jie Hao 1 酒仙桥 路 2 号 院, 后街 706 798 艺术 区 1 号, +86 10 6436 1818 rates: from 616 RMB http://www.gracebeijing.com

Top 8 Hotel – Beijing Orchid

Presented as a “refuge for adults,” The Orchid is a charming hotel in a quiet of the liveliest Beijing Hutong neighborhoods.

The lobby bar hosts regular tastings (free for guests), and uses the powerful local beer – very soon everyone is well informed, especially with only 10 rooms.

The buildings occupy parts more affordable Qing idyllic wooden beams around a courtyard.

Premium rooms have private outdoor space and are equipped with extras such as a mobile phone pre-loaded with useful numbers.

All rooms have an Apple TV, beds with goose feathers and pots of tea quality.

The trio of terraces you can see the drum and business towers Bell on rooftops.

65 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie near Nan Xiang Luogu 鼓楼 东 大街 宝 钞 胡同 65 号, 近 南 锣鼓 巷, +86 10 8404 4818, room rates: from 680 RMB http://www.theorchidbeijing.com

Top 9 Hotel – Beijing Hotel G

Hotel GThese are the only places in this address.With your decor fresh consciously “retro-chic” over-designed and MacBook wielding customers, Hotel G is a polishing process which provides a good relationship: giant-screen TV, a support iPod, Nintendo Wii, free minibar with drinks and other treats for less than the price of hotels in the chain.

Hotel G is not in the most attractive part of the city, but it is in a good position for business meetings – Lido area near houses many multinational companies – and the biggest clubs in Beijing are a few hundred meters.

Scarlett is the best type of hotel, bar and restaurant. Brasserie affordable is complemented by an excellent wine list (with lots of glass), and most likely the cheese more tempting in China.

Gongti Xilu A7 near Hutong Dongyingfang 工 体 西路 甲 7 号, 近 东营 房 胡同, +86 10 6552 3600, room rates: from RMB 1088, http://www.hotel-g.com

Top 10 Hotel – Courtyard 7 (秦 唐 府 客栈 7 号 院)

Patio room before storm.For Chinese 7Breakfast semi-authentic experience without compromising comfort, the Courtyard 7 most boxes.

Brick buildings vermilion beams gray and steep, tiled roofs are wrapped around meticulously manicured gardens, the style of the ring.

The spacious rooms are dominated by traditional beds rosewood frame silk curtains tight – firm to the uninitiated, but comfort is also provided for comfortable radiant heating, showers style rainforest and breakfast buffet.

Best of all is the location, a quiet alley Xiang Nanluogu straddles the old and new parts of the city. To the east of lattes, cocktails and Mao kitsch, traditional western snacks and local suppliers play cards.

7 Qianguloyuan Hutong, Nanluogu Xiang 南 锣鼓 巷 前 鼓楼 苑 胡同 7 号, +86 10 6406 0777, price: from 650 RMB http://www.courtyard7.com

Top 10 Activities in Beijing in Winter

Winter is the longest season in Beijing, generally starting from mid-November and ending March

What to do in Beijing for the Winter season ?

Beijing winter is cold, dry and long, from early November to the next March. The average temperature in December, January and February would be lower than 0 C (32 F). If you come to visit Beijing in winter times, be sure to take warm clothes with you.

beijing winter

Beijing Winter

Though Beijing winter is cold, it is also a great time to visit Beijing. One reason is on clear days the light was gorgeous. Second, it is clear, sharp, fresh, and crisp. The crowds everywhere were light. The tourist sights, which are superb, were relatively free of crowds. What’s more, there are lots of fun winter things to do, Beijing has many great ski resorts such as Huaibei International ski resort, Badaling ski resort, and Bird Nest Happy Snow world is also a great place to enjoy Beijing winter skiing. There are also Spas and Hot Spring resorts in Beijing to enjoy a relaxed time.

beijing winter things to do

Beijing Winter Things To Do

Have you visit Beijing in Winter before, yes there are many interesting activities that you could do in Beijing. If you visit Beijing when winter comes and don’t have any ideas what to do? Here one of our Beijing Winter Travel lines that interesting and fun to join. Tour details below:

Top 1.  Beijing Winter Tour – The best thing to do in Beijing is to join in a Beijing Winter tour.

Top 2.  Ski in Beijing – Ski is the most popular activity in Beijing.

Top 3.  Eating the Hot Pot in Beijing – Hot pot or “Huoguo” in Chinese is probably one of the favorite dishes to eat during the winter.

Everyone huddles around a pot of simmering broth during a chilly winter night surrounded by various types of raw seafood, meats and vegetables that you quickly cook in the broth and then dip it in a sauce of your choice.

Top 4.  Spa in Beijing – Have a total relaxation after a tiring and cold winter day touring Beijing: Go to Spa. You will escape the hustle and bustle of the city life; ease the cold winter; and balance your eating and sleeping disorder. Besides, the most gorgeous scene is that you enjoy the hot spring spas while it is raining outside of your spa rooms.

Top 5. Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival -Yanqing Longqing Gorge ice over the years are very famous. The ice lantern festival theme though different, a group of ice lantern, lantern, which contains a wealth of wisdom and creativity, and to give visitors to enjoy the beauty.

Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival tickets
discount price: 95 yuan

Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival opening hours: January 16, 2011

Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival business hours: 17:00-22:00

Yanqing Longqing Gorge ice route

(1) swim 8 Road (tourist bus line car) the originating station: the front door, Andingmen Metro West (six weekly, daily departure)

(2) 919 (commuter car) the originating station: Deshengmen Jianlou every 5 minutes to drive a car, Yanqing county again by the 920 link to the Longqing Gorge.

(3) on the train to Xizhimen, Yanqing South station.

(4) other Beijing bus companies, bus companies, part of the travel agency, are sent to the Longqing Gorge of the vehicle. Tianjin bus 1 – 5 company of travel and are sent to the Longqing Gorge of the vehicle.

(5) driving from Madian Bridge on the Badaling Expressway to Yanqing, then to Beijing Zhang highway, road signs.

Top 6. Ice Skating in Beijing – Winter in Beijing is the best time skating, skating in Beijing don’t after the Spring Festival, when the ice may be melt.

Top 7. Hiking the Great Wall in Winter – Climbing the Great Wall in Beijing winter will be more exciting and challenging, whether you are hiking on a clear sunny day or a snowy day.

Top 8. Visit Beijing Temple Fair – The temple is the main customs in Beijing in the Spring Festival. It is Beijing’s richest folk characteristics. Beijing temple fair is held once a year during the Spring Festival.

Top 9. To watch people winter swimming in Beijing – There are several winter swimming places in Beijing. There is a lot winter swimming enthusiasts will come to Beijing in winter for swimming in winter.

Top 10 . Visit Forbidden City in Winter – Winter in the Imperial Palace visitors are very rare, so the winter tour of the the Imperial Palace, another amorous feelings.

places to visit in beijing winter

Places to Visit in Beijing Winter

beijing More about Beijing Winter

Beijing Winter Travel Tip  –  Tell you how to visit Beijing in the Winter season.

Beijing Winter Weather – Beijing Yearly Weather Summary

What to wear and where to buy winter clothes in Beijing – By wild Great Wall

Freezing in Beijing. Where to buy winter clothes – By tripadvisor

Where to ski in Beijing – Top 10 Beijing Ski Resort for winter visit Beijing.

Visit the City of Beijing and Choose the best Beijing city tour for your Beijing trip

top beijing city tour

top Beijing city tour

Top 1. Forbidden City Tour : Forbidden City is the top Beijing attraction.

Top 2. Beijing City Bus Tour : The cheaper way to visit Beijing is to join in a Beijing City Bus Tour.

Top 3. Summer Palace Tour : Summer Palace is a must visit place in the city of Beijing.

Top 4. Beijing City Private Tour : By a private tour to visit the city of Beijing is a nice thing to do in Beijing.

Top 5. Beijing City Day Tour : Most tourist will choose a Beijing city day tour to visit the top 4 Beijing city attractions – Tiananmen Square; Forbidden City; Summer Palace; Temple of Heaven.

Top 6. Beijing City Sightseeing Tour : By a Beijing City sightseeing bus to visit Beijing City is a good thing to do.

Top 7.Beijing City Hutong Tour : Hutong is the Beijing Citizen living place, visit Beijing Hutong can make you more understand the Beijing Citizen.

Top 8. Beijing City Night Tour : There are many things to do at night in Beijing. You can watch the Beijing night show or to the Sanlitun or houhai to drink some.

Top 9. Beijing City 798 Art Tour : 798 is the Beijing art area, you can visit the 798 Beijing art zone by a half day time.

Top 10 .Beijing City Deep Feeling Tour : There are many tour service offer Beijing city one day to feel the city. The tour will visit – Beijing Hutong; Beijing Panda House; Beijing Lama Temple; Beijing Bird Nest (Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Stadium )

beijing More about Beijing City Tour :

toursBeijing City : About city of Beijing by wiki

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toursBeijing City Weekend : A useful Beijing City Magazine

beijing More City Tours :

toursNew York City Tour : To visit New York City by a New York Sightseeing Tour.

toursCity Tour : City Bus Tours

toursHow to tour new york city?

Travel to Beijing, what things to do in Beijing, which places to visit in Beijing? You are new here – in Beijing. Any good suggestions for your Beijing Trip ?

top 10 beijing travel tip

Here are the top 10 Beijing Tip for your Beijing Travel.

1. Please check the weather in Beijing

2. Comprehensive travel and make sure it covers your Beijing tour plan to visit insurance and intend to do the things for you.

3 . Before traveling overseas register your travel plans and contact details online or at the Australian embassy,or your embassy, ​​high commission or consulate once you arrive, so that we can contact you in an emergency.

4 . Comply with the Local laws. Do not expect people to be treated differently just because you are foreigner.

5 . Make sure to get China visa.

6 . Make sure your passport information, insurance policy, travelers checks, visas and credit card numbers and make copies.

7 . Check with the recommended health care and other medical information on preventive measures vaccinations. Remember, you can enter some countries immunization requirements. Also find out about the drug abroad – in some countries do not allow certain drugs.

8 . Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of return to your home. Carry extra passport not be lost or stolen passport, you need take care of your passport.

9 . Stay in touch with your friends and family back, and give them a copy of your travel itinerary, let them know where you are.

10. Please check if you are perceived as a country you plan to visit the country, dual citizenship if your travel plans are ineffective.

Travel to Beijing, want to join in a Bus tour to Great Wall, what is the top 10 Beijing bus tour?

beijing bus tour

Beijing Bus Tour

Top 1. Great Wall Bus Tour – If you want to visit Beijing Great Wall, you should rent a car or join in a bus tour to the Great Wall, for the China wall is far from the city and there are not subway and a few public bus directly to the wall.

Great Wall Bus Tour Reference Price : 160 RMB / Tourist

Top 2. Great Wall Ming Tomb Bus Tour – Ming tomb is not far from the wall, so if you join in a Beijing bus tour to the Great Wall, you can also visit the Ming Tombs.

Great Wall Ming Tomb Reference Price : 160 RMB / Tourist

Top 3. Great Wall Forbidden City Tiananmen Square Bus Tour – If you want to visit the top attractions in Beijing by a day, the only way is to join in a Great Wall and Forbidden City bus tour, for if by yourself you will have no time to visit the 2 places by a day time. ( Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square is located in the city center and the Great Wall is located in the far north area of Beijing )

Great Wall Forbidden City Tiananmen Square Bus Tour Reference Price : 220 RMB / Tourist

Top 4. Great Wall Summer Palace Bus Tour – One day time in Beijing, you can no by public transportation to the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. For the Wall is to far from Beijing, so by a Beijing bus tour to visit the wall and summer palace is a good idea.

Great Wall Summer Palace Reference Price : 180 RMB / Tourist

Top 5 . Badaling Great Wall Bus Tour – Badaling Great Wall is the most popular Great Wall section in Beijing. The Badaling Great Wall bus tour itinerary also including the Beijing Ming tomb ( Changling Tomb ) in the tour itinerary.

Badaling Great Wall Bus Tour Reference Price : 160 RMB / Tourist

Top 6. Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Tour – Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful Great Wall section in Beijing. Visit the Mutianyu Great Wall also can visit the Ming Tomb ( Dingling Underground Palace )

Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Tour Reference Price : 180 RMB / Tourist

Top 7. Beijing City Bus Tour – Beijing City bus tour itinerary : Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City ; Temple of Heaven ; Summer Palace;

Beijing City Bus Tour Reference Price : 200 RMB / Tourist

Top 8. Jinshanling Great Wall Bus Tour – Jinshanling Great Wall section is far from the city of Beijing. It is the furthest Great Wall from Beijing.

Jinshanling Great Wall Bus Tour Reference Price : 320 RMB / Tourist

Top 9. Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple and Panda Zoo Bus Tour – Beijing Hutong is the Beijing local citizen living place. Lama Temple in Beijing is the most popular temple in Beijing. Panda is the most representative nature living creature in China.

Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple and Panda Zoo Bus Tour Reference Price : 180 RMB / Touist

Top 10 . Beijing Simatai Great Wall Bus Tour – Simatai Great Wall is one of the best Great Wall section to visit in Beijing, however, Simatai Great Wall also is the furthest Great Wall section from Beijing, and it is closed to public by the year of 2008, no information about when it is open to the tourist again.

Reference Price :

beijingMore Bus Tour Information :

Beijing Bus Tour : Beijing Feeling Tour offer Bus tour to Great Wall and Beijing City Bus Tour every Day.

Top 10 City Bus Trips :Top 10 City Bus Bus Tour.

Go To Bus  : Sell bus tour ticket.

Big Bus Tour : Big Bus Sightseeing Tour is created around a carefully designed route that takes you to the key places of interest, and a hop-on hop-off facility that lets you discover them.

Market in Beijing is one of the most popular among Beijing residents shopping. The goods sold there are much cheaper than in the Beijing Shopping malls. There are many Shopping markets in Beijing with all types of merchandise you can for the goods you want to negotiate at an amazingly affordable price. A reminder that credit cards are not accepted, so you should be ready with enough money for RMB. Since the markets are crowded all day, you should be wary of pickpockets. Some of the major wholesale markets in Beijing:The following is the top 10 Beijing Markets for your shopping in Beijing.

top 10 beijing markets

top 10 Beijing markets

Top 1 : Beijing Xiushuijie Market : also known as silk market that is a prosperous shopping market in Beijing, located at No. 8 East Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District.

Top 2. Beijing HongQiao Market : Beijing Pearl Market or Beijing Hongqiao Market is located in the south central area of Beijing city, just to the east of the Temple of Heaven. It is an indoor mall with a seafood market in the basement and about 3 floors up.

Top 3. Beijing Zoo Market : The Zoo Market is a unique slice of Beijing culture that engagingly hovers in a time just slightly out of step with today.

Top 4. Beijing Panjiayuan Market:located at the Third East Ring Road, Beijing, You’ll find the market southwest of the Panjiayuan Bridge.If you’ll be in Beijing over the weekend, get up early and make a trip to Panjiayuan, a giant flea market where every imaginable curio, artifact and fake Tang dynasty knock-off is on sale.

Top 5. Beijing Yashow Market:Beijing Yashow Market is in Sanlitun, a popular outdoor bar on the east of Beijing. If you were on the Silk Market, you will learn the concept. Shoes, suitcases and bags are sold in the basement. Located on floors one, two and three in the main designer clothes, and on the floor of the three, and offer customized range of silk fabrics and garments. This floor also has a few children’s clothing and silk.

Top 6. Beijing Tianya Market:When visiting Beijing’s antique markets, Tianya Market you can not missing.

Top 7 . Beijing Zhongguancun Electronics Market :Zhongguancun electronics market comprises of two gigantic buildings, each with dozens of floors filled with shops, offices and storage facilities. Among them are scattered a number of small stores, so if you’re looking for electronics this is the place to be.

Top 8. Beijing Liulichang Market : Strolling down Liulichang Street is a pleasant way to spend a morning. It’s divided in half by busy Nanxinhua Street, but you quickly get away from the traffic down either side of Liulichang’s pedestrian alley. Famous as a gathering place in ancient times for scholars, poets and artists, Liulichang now boasts a plethora of book shops, calligraphy suppliers, galleries and curio sellers.

Top 9. Beijing Baoguosi Culture Market :This little-known market, atmospherically set in the picturesque grounds of Baoguosi Temple, is a smaller, more manageable version of Panjiayuan. It sees very few foreigners and no one will speak English, but armed with a calculator, stallholders will get their point across.

Top 10 . Beijing Antique City : It is the largest curio distribution center in Asia. The curio city covers an area about 23,400 square meters (5.8 acres). There are about 500 stores dealing with ancient porcelain, paintings, calligraphy, jade, carving, bronze ware, antique furniture, carpet, clocks and jewelry. The curio city is like a big museum, and you can just wander around to get more knowledge about Chinese culture. Your eyes will be dazzled by these ancient art treasures.